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Auto Vent Kit for Palram Greenhouse

Auto Vent Kit for Palram Greenhouse

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If opening those vents on your Palram greenhouse is getting tiring, then you may want to install our fabulous automatic vent opener that's been specially designed for our Palram greenhouses. This amazing vent arm is engineered to automatically open and close the vent windows in your Palram greenhouse, when the temperature changes. The action is achieved by use of an oil filled cylinder. As soon as the temperature in your Palram greenhouse reaches 68 degrees Fahrenheit, your new automatic vent opener will begin to open your vent window and will fully open at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to install, this amazing innovation will make owning your Palram greenhouse a true joy. Once you install this automatic vent opener on your greenhouse, you won't have to worry about always being there to provide the ventilation, it will happen automatically. Now you'll be able to go out and do whatever you need to do and know that your greenhouse is taking care of keeping itself the right temperature and properly ventilated. How many times have you needed to miss an event and stay home because you had to be there in case the weather changed if you didn't want to lose your whole crop of vegetables or flowers? Once you install this automatic vent arm, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of and never miss another outing. No matter what size Palram greenhouse you have, this automatic vent opener has been designed to do the work for you and will fit any of them. When the temperature is cold, the automatic vent arm will close your vent windows and when it is warm it will open them to the extent that they need to be. After one easy installation, you'll discover that having your own greenhouse is fun again and no longer ties you down.

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