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BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 10

BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 10

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If you're going to create the greenhouse of your dreams and you've decided to get our fabulous six foot by ten foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion, then you'll want to make sure that you go that one extra stabilizing step and get this fantastic base kit by Rion that's been specially designed to fit the six foot by ten foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse. A snap to put together and easy to attach to your greenhouse, all you need to do is fill this base with soil and you have a greenhouse that will be able to easily stand up to your windy days. 100% UV resistant resins means you won't have to worry about the elements causing damage, and designed with a u-shaped honeycomb design for strength and durability, you'll find this base becomes the stability you've been looking for. This base not only gives you a very solid foundation for your greenhouse but also gives you an additional five inches in height and when filled in with soil, another area for planting. As with the rest of the Rion EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse and accessories, this base has been engineered for easy assembly. The folks at Rion know that you want your gardening exploits to be successful and that's why they've done everything they can to give you the options to create your EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse to fit all of your needs. This handy and easy to assemble base unit will give you added height, extra growing space and a sense of assurance because you'll know your greenhouse is stable and safely anchored. Once your greenhouse is firmly attached to your base unit, all you'll have to do is start deciding what to plant where and figure out how you can make more time in your day to spend in your fabulous EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse.

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