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BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 12

BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 12

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You have your fabulous six foot by twelve foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion and realize that you could use a few more inches in height and you just got the weather report that windy days are ahead. So what do you do? Well, fortunately, the folks at Rion have foreseen just this situation and have created the equally fabulous six foot by twelve foot base kit that has been lovingly designed to fit perfectly with your greenhouse. Of course, you are currently jumping for joy and we expected that, but you might want to wait till you hear the rest of the good news so you can get all of your jumping out at once. Not only is this base kit designed to perfect fit your greenhouse, it's also been engineered for easy assembly and is made from 100% UV resistant resins in a u-shaped honeycomb pattern that gives it incredible strength and durability when filled with soil. Ok, so hold off on the jumping for one more second. In addition to being an amazingly stable base for your greenhouse that will keep it on the ground when the wind is blowing, by adding the soil, you'll also be getting another planting area, and the base provides an additional five inches of height to your greenhouse, giving you that extra space for those dwarf fruit trees you've been wanting to grow. Having that whole other layer of planting available means you can still have plants that you prefer to put into the ground, only now they will be protected by your greenhouse. Placing them in the ground allows smaller helpers easier access to help you tend your garden. Let's face it, there's absolutely no down sides, and all your gardening aspirations are going to be possible with this fabulous EcoGrow 2 base kit by Rion. OK, now you can start jumping.

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