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BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 6

BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 6

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Every greenhouse needs a sturdy base in order to preserve its lifespan to the max and give it the flexibility of a secure, stable foundation on any ground type. Rion brand's signature Ecogrow 2 greenhouse base kit is built in four different sizes to accommodate any greenhouse size 6'x6', 6'x8', 6'x10', and 6'x12'; adding an unmatched level of stability and security while adding up to five inches to its height and overall headspace. With that extra five inches you can do a lot, like add a shelf kit or a workbench for potting and watering or installing new plants. If your greenhouse doesn't have a safe wood or concrete foundation to be tied down to, it could be in jeopardy of structural damage from unbalanced leveling, and high-wind climates can cause further structural damage to your greenhouse without a sturdy, secure base. The Ecogrow 2 greenhouse base kit allows you to place your greenhouse in any part of your lawn, backyard or garden area. If you fill the base with soil or sand, it becomes an immovable solid foundation. This base kit is made with a heavy duty UV-resistant resin with a U-Shape, honeycomb construction that maximizes the strength of this base. If you live in a high-wind climate, the Ecogrow 2 greenhouse base kit is a great option, adding a huge improvement in stability over regular greenhouse tie-downs. The assembly of the Ecogrow 2 is incredibly easy; a push-together snap-fit assembly will have you mounting your greenhouse on top of this base kit in a matter of minutes. Any greenhouse, hobby or pro, would be a great match for the Ecogrow 2 base kit the right size. Investing in the foundation of your greenhouse is building on your investment from the ground-up ゚?? extending the life and well-being of your greenhouse for many years to come.

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