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BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 8

BASE KIT for Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse 6 x 8

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Now that you've received your fabulous six foot by eight foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion, you realize that the place you've chosen to locate it isn't quite as stable as you thought, or maybe you found out that you could use a couple more inches in height to accommodate that little fruit tree you wanted to put in there. Well, if this has happened to you, you're in luck because the folks at Rion had the foresight to take care of this for you with their EcoGrow 2 greenhouse base kit. Designed to fit perfectly with your six foot by eight foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse, your base kit assembles easily and fits onto your greenhouse with a snap. Made from heavy duty 100% UV protected resins in a honeycomb design that gives it extra durability, all you have to do is fill this base with soil and you'll have an incredibly sturdy foundation. Adding five inches of head room, this handy, stabilizing base is going to make your greenhouse the perfect place for your most precious plants and growing materials. The soil you place in the base is also a perfect place to plant those items you prefer to plant in the ground. Adding the soil filled base to your greenhouse expands your growing opportunities and gives you one more level for creating your dream garden. When properly anchored with soil, this base will help protect your greenhouse from strong winds and bad weather. The additional height also provides you opportunities to add items you might not have thought you had room for before including long creeping vines and dwarf fruit trees. Make sure your EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse is set up to give you years of faithful service by adding this incredibly stable base unit.

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