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BASE KIT for Rion Hobby/Grand Gardener/Prestige Greenhouse 8 x 20

BASE KIT for Rion Hobby/Grand Gardener/Prestige Greenhouse 8 x 20

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You've made the investment and decided that you're going to go big and have the greenhouse of your dreams. You chose the eight foot by twenty foot version of either the Hobby Gardner, or the Grand Gardner greenhouse by Rion. You get it home and realize, you hadn't really thought about how to anchor this big bad boy. You considered having a slab put down, or maybe you wanted to have a heavy wooden deck put down, but it occurs to you that you really would like to have this anchored in an area that can also be gardened on the ground. Well, now comes the rub, you need to put it on a base unit that will give it the stability to keep it anchored on a windy day but you still want to have that versatility that placing it right in a garden area. Luckily, Rion understands completely and has created this fabulous Hobby/Grand Gardner base kit that works with either style and is perfectly designed and sized to work with your extra-large eight foot by twenty foot Hobby Gardner or Grand Gardner greenhouse. A side benefit to this amazingly simple to assemble and easy to affix base kit is that it adds a full five inches in height to your existing greenhouse. Made from 100% UV resistant resin and designed in a u-shaped honeycomb pattern for extra durability, this incredible base unit will give you the peace of mind you want and the security need in order to feel assured that your plants will be safe and sound in their greenhouse even on the windy days. You've made the big investment, now it's time to add that extra sense of safety, security and stability with a small investment that will protect your plants and your greenhouse for years to come.

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