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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Greenhouse Kits Direct on 2/1/2016
Question: Will my greenhouse kit allow me to grow my garden all year long?

 This depends on where you live, what you grow, and whether or not you use additional heating and/or cooling systems. In areas with mild winters, a greenhouse can certainly allow you to grow year-round. In places with cold climates, however, a greenhouse will definitely extend your growing season, but won't allow for year-round growing on its own.

If you live somewhere with harsh weather, you can make your greenhouse work for you all year long with the addition of a heating system for your greenhouse. Also consider your crop. Some plants are more resistant to cold weather than others. Rotating your crops seasonally will aid your year-long gardening efforts.

DIY Greenhouse: Buyers Guide

Posted by Greenhouse Kits Direct on 2/1/2016
Exploring your options for a DIY greenhouse can be a bit overwhelming. With so many different materials and features to choose from, how can you know that you are choosing the right ones for your garden? At Greenhouse Kits Direct, we have selected only greenhouse kits with materials are durable, functional and practical. We also offer a range of features and accessories that help take some of the stress out of gardening, so you can have a fruitful, healthy garden that will last much longer than the typical growing season. Below we've put together a breakdown of some of the materials and features you should know about when selecting a greenhouse, so you can get the perfect one for your garden.

12 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Winter Garden

Posted by Greenhouse Kits Direct on 1/28/2016
When you think of gardening, you probably imagine preparing your garden in the spring and harvesting your fresh vegetables through summer and fall. But you don't have to limit your fresh veggie intake to the warm months - with a greenhouse and the right equipment, you can garden all winter long. Of course, your greenhouse will need to be strategically placed so your plants get plenty of natural light and heat from the sun.

Supplemental heat, light, and ventilation will also help your winter garden flourish.

How to: Organic Greenhouse Gardening

Posted by Greenhouse Kits Direct on 1/12/2016

Boost Your Family's Health

Food grown organically says no to harmful poisons, thus protecting soil, water supplies, and biodiversity. Not only does organic gardening make for a healthier planet, but it also makes for healthier humans. The pesticides that are used to produce non-organic food seep into the groundwater and contaminate our drinking water.