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Heavy-Duty Shelf for Palram Greenhouse

Heavy-Duty Shelf for Palram Greenhouse

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When your plants are getting bigger and you need something sturdier to hold them all, you'll be glad you got our fabulous heavy duty shelf kit that's been specially designed for our Palram greenhouses. Our incredible 24.5 inch by 16.5 inch heavy duty shelf kit gives you a huge amount of work space and can hold up to ninety pounds of plants, soils, tools, watering cans or anything else you use in your Palram greenhouse. Easily adjustable, and simple to move around to the area you need it most, you can also combine two or more of our heavy duty shelves to create one long heavy duty work area. Now your large plants in heavier pots can be placed at a height that's most convenient for you. Imagine how nice it will be to have those plants you're harvesting at a height that doesn't require you to bend over or stand on tip toes. With these easily adjustable shelves you can place those tomato and pepper plants at the level that's just right to make your harvesting easier. Watering cans, soils and other tools you use in your greenhouse can also be placed at a level that doesn't require the back breaking act of having to bend over to lift heavy loads. If you've been hesitating on adding larger pots and plants because you didn't know where to put them or how you'd be able to care for them if they were low to the ground, there's no need to wait anymore. Your new heavy duty shelf kit will allow you to organize your plants in a way that makes taking care of them easier and also gives you a broader range of what you can grow and where. Expand your growing options every time you install one of our fabulous heavy duty shelf kits in your Palram greenhouse.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 25L x 16.5W x 3H in.
  • Frame Material: Metal Greenhouses, Aluminum
  • Peak Height: 3 in.
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited
  • Fits all Palram greenhouses
  • Holds up to 90 lbs of plants, watering cans, soils and other greenhouse necessities
  • View Assembly Instructions PDF
  • View Warranty PDF

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