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Palram Americana Greenhouse 12' x 12'

Palram Americana Greenhouse 12' x 12'

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If you are looking to invest in a full sized greenhouse then there is no better option available to you anywhere than the Americana greenhouse brought to you proudly, and for the lowest price too, by Greenhouse Kits Direct. This is the perfect combination of economical pricing and functionality as well as capacity. Put these three things all together and you have one heck of a great deal. The American greenhouse is a very large model which measures 12' x 12'. The wall panels are constructed from high quality and completely clear polycarbonate panels, while the roof is fabricated from clear, twin wall polycarbonate panels. The double swinging doors on this greenhouse are very conveniently sized and this greenhouse features two adjustable vents. The frame is constructed from aluminum metal. The peak of the greenhouse reaches a height of 103 inches, which gives you plenty of space to grow your larger plants. For those of you who are experts in the ways of greenhouse gardening, you will definitely appreciate the open walk through design of this greenhouse which gives you plenty of space to both work in and relax in your little garden paradise. If you are not exactly professional but you have always wanted to try greenhouse gardening then now is your chance! You will be able to get the best price on this greenhouse that you will ever find when you buy it from us here at Greenhouse Kits Direct. This is because of our uniquely competitive and industry leading low price guarantee, which we are very proud to present to you. We also pledge to keep all of your personal information safe, secure and confidential. Contact one of our customer service agents today to learn more about how you save with our low price guarantee!

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