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Palram Glory Greenhouse 8' x 12'

Palram Glory Greenhouse 8' x 12'

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You've been gardening for a while, but now you want to get serious. You've decided that on top of growing beautiful flowers, you want to start growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. The only problem is the climate where you live only allows a relatively short growing period. When you're ready to get serious about your gardening, you really need to get your own greenhouse. For the serious gardener, we recommend this fabulous eight foot by twelve foot Glory premium class hobby greenhouse by Palram. Whether it's too hot or too cold where you live for year round gardening, this awesome greenhouse allows you to adjust the interior to a temperature that works for your plants. Featuring a powder coated rugged aluminum frame, 10mm thick polycarbonate panels, side louver window and roof vents, a gutter system that allows you to collect rainwater for use in watering your plants, and a locking door that's wide enough for wheelchair access, you can tell this 8' X 12' Glory premium class hobby greenhouse by Palram was designed for the serious gardener. At six feet tall on the side walls and nine feet tall at the center, this fabulous greenhouse is large enough to accommodate virtually all of your planting needs, including creeping vines and small dwarf potted trees. A large comfortable space, this greenhouse is big enough to not only have hours of gardening enjoyment for yourself, but also to have your family in there with you to help. If you have children, involving them in learning to grow things is great for teaching them about nature and where their food comes from. That picky eater of yours will be more likely to eat vegetables they have had a hand in helping to take care of. Gardening is a great activity for the whole family and with your Glory premium class hobby greenhouse, you can now enjoy it all year round.

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