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Palram Greenhouse Irrigation Kit

Palram Greenhouse Irrigation Kit

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It's a little tricky to keep every plant in your greenhouse equally watered. Sometimes you run out of water in the watering can before you get to that back corner and forget to come back. Or maybe you have a hose system that is a little faulty, watering some plants too much and others not enough. Either of these scenarios is a problem. What you need is a way to ensure that all of your plants are watered evenly so that they all get the right amount. We're happy to introduce you to your best friend when it comes to getting all your plants evenly watered. This is our drip irrigation kit. Put it all together and you can personalize it so that it's perfect for your particular greenhouse. You will love that the sealed pressure regulator actually removes sediment from the water while regulating the water pressure. The drip system effectively controls the dripping onto each plant so that they all receive the same amount of water every day. The plants are able to thrive because they receive a regular, predictable amount of water. That way no area of the greenhouse is going to be accidentally under-watered. If your plants could speak, they would thank you for taking care of them and making sure that they got all the water they needed! If you would like to learn about our greenhouse related products or our awesome policies, please visit our buyer's guide here. We try to load it with all the information you need, but we realize you may still have some questions for us. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and let our customer service professionals help you find the answers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Features sealed pressure regulator
  • Controls water pressure and removes sediment from water
  • Equal and controlled dispersal of water in all of the droppers
  • View Assembly Instructions PDF

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