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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x10'

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x10'

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So you've been gardening now for a while and you're really loving everything about it, but you find that the weather outside has become frightful and it's cramping your gardening style. Well, have no fear, because the folks at Palram have you covered with their awesome six foot by ten foot Hybrid greenhouse. This amazingly spacious greenhouse not only allows you to continue growing your favorite things even when it's too cold or too hot out to normally, it also allows you to increase your planting space. When you plant in the ground, you have the space you have. However, when you plant in a greenhouse. You not only have the basic square footage that exists on the ground, you can also add adjustable shelving that allows you to go vertical as well, increasing your space and your options. In addition, while your kids might not enjoy getting on their hands and knees to do traditional gardening, they may enjoy working in this awesome looking greenhouse where the plants are usually at a level that's easy to work with. Aside from all the obvious reasons having any greenhouse is a good idea, we've got some specific benefits you may want to know about our Palram 6' X 10' Hybrid greenhouse. First of all, it's incredibly easy to assemble and requires no special tools. In addition, this unit features a twin wall roof to block harmful UV rays while letting in the light you need, integrated rain gutters for rainwater collection and improved sustainability, a rust proof aluminum frame that you can set up and not worry about, and a roof vent that allows for just the right amount of airflow. With plenty of room to move around and a sturdy structure that your kids can't really hurt, you'll find that your Palram 6' X 10' Hybrid greenhouse is going to become the place everyone wants to hang out.

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