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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x 14'

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x 14'

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If you're not sure just how big of a greenhouse you want, we suggest going with the biggest one your space will allow. Because let's face it, you know as soon as you get “growing" you're going to find more things that you want to try. So why not start with our Palram Hybrid six foot by fourteen foot greenhouse so you have a bit of room to grow. In addition to giving you more room for adding extra plants of all kinds, this greenhouse also gives you more space for little ones who may be getting the gardening bug with you and want to come and help. Introducing your children to gardening early is a great way to get them in touch with nature and closer to the food they eat. This amazing greenhouse is spacious and incredibly easy to put together, as it's designed to require no special tools in the assembly. With awesome features like a ventilation window to help control temperature and air flow, an integrated gutter system that lets you collect rainwater, making your system more sustainable, and twin wall construction that lets in just the right amount of light and is made from clear polycarbonate, which is virtually indestructible, as well as a strong rust resistant, maintenance free aluminum frame, this large and very practical 6' X 14' Hybrid greenhouse by Palram has it all. Whether you want to explore growing beautiful flowers and other types of plants, or you want to expand your grocery bill, by growing some of your herbs and fruits and vegetables yourself, you'll find that this fabulous Hybrid greenhouse by Palram gives you the perfect set up to make your gardening easy and comfortable and is big enough to give you the room for all the types of planting you want to do.

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