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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x 4'

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse 6' x 4'

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Imagine all of the wonderful plants that you could grow in this spacious greenhouse. The Hybrid Greenhouse series is bound to give you the ultimate greenhouse gardening experience. The 4mm twin wall roof blocks all but .1% of harmful UV lights while the side panels allow for 90% light transmission. This makes it so that your plants can get all of the light and heat that they need without burning. This Hybrid Greenhouse offers plenty of wonderful features. First, it boasts an integrated rain gutter system which allows your greenhouse to use rain water which it collects on its own to water your plants, making for a very sustainable use of water. This greenhouse also features ventilation shafts and a magnetic door catch. The air will be able to flow freely through your greenhouse giving life to your plants. Luckily for you if this is the model of greenhouse that you choose to purchase, the frame is made from sturdy aluminum and is rust free and requires zero maintenance. The fact that this greenhouse comes with a five year warranty straight from the manufacturer speaks to the fact that this really will be a very durable choice for your greenhouse needs. This greenhouse is designed to be able to be put together very quickly, easily and securely. You will be ready to start growing beautiful plants in no time at all! When you purchase this greenhouse from us here at Greenhouse Kits Direct you are making one of the wisest decisions in your greenhouse buying history! This is because we are proud to offer you our one of a kind uniquely competitive and industry leading low price guarantee. It is all it sounds like and more. It is good both before and after your purchase from us here. What are you waiting for?

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