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Palram Mythos 6' x 4' Greenhouse

Palram Mythos 6' x 4' Greenhouse

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You absolutely love gardening, but you adore greenhouse gardening even more. If you have always wanted a greenhouse but didn't feel like you could ever possibly afford one then you have just been proven wrong. This huge greenhouse will allow you to grow as many plants as you could ever imagine possibly wanting to grow in your greenhouse. You will be able to start your plants from precious, tiny little seedlings and watch as they grow and develop into full sized plants. There isn't anything that you enjoy doing more than that. So what are you waiting for? Make the investment in a greenhouse today. This Mythos greenhouse features twin wall panels which gives you twice the heat retention as a single layer paneled greenhouse. The panels are made from high quality and very durable, practically indestructible actually, polycarbonate. You can count on this greenhouse lasting you for a long time because it will be very durable. How do you know it will be durable? Because it comes backed by a five year warranty straight from the manufacturer! If you never thought that you would be able to afford to have a greenhouse all of your own then it is time for you to get ready to think again! When you buy this greenhouse from our team here at Greenhouse Kits Direct you are not only getting our commitment to top quality customer service, but you are also getting our industry leading and impressively competitive low price guarantee. We will always have the lowest prices, because we constantly check with our competitors to make sure of it! You can even look for a lower price before and after your purchase and we will beat or refund the difference of the price!

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