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Palram Mythos 6 x 6 Greenhouse

Palram Mythos 6 x 6 Greenhouse

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Once you've decided to start your own garden, you become filled with excitement and can't wait to get started. Then you realize it's incredibly cold outside, or incredibly hot, and no matter how much you want to, you can't start planting yet….or can you? If you had this amazing six foot by six foot Mythos hobby greenhouse, you could get started as soon as you had it put together, no matter what the temperature was outside. Easy to assemble with simple tools most people have in a utility drawer, this wonderful hobby greenhouse will allow you to become the green thumb gardener you've always wanted to be. The twin wall panels made from clear polycarbonate, give you twice the heat retention you'd typically get with only single panel walls. In addition, this unit offers a downspout to collect rainwater and an easy to operate ventilation system that allows just the right air flow and temperature adjustment to keep all of your plants happy and healthy. The handy full size door into the unit makes loading and unloading of your plants and supplies a snap and the interior is so roomy that even your tall friends can stand and be comfortable. With optional shelf and shading purchases you can really customize this fabulous greenhouse to be just the way you want it, so that it accommodates all of your planting and gardening needs. Gardening and planting is such a wonderful thing to do for yourself and your family. By growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruits you can control exactly what goes into them and leave out all those chemicals you'd rather not have to ingest. Another benefit to your family is that if you have children who may not normally eat fresh growing food easily, you'll find that if they have a hand in growing that vegetable, they're much more likely to want to eat it.

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