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Palram Mythos 6 x 8 Greenhouse

Palram Mythos 6 x 8 Greenhouse

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Have you been looking at your thumb and wondering how green it may be? If gardening and getting your hands down into the dirt so you can start growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers is starting to sound like something you want to try, then you should definitely consider getting this fabulous Mythos six foot by eight foot hobby greenhouse. While planting in your yard can be fun as well, having a greenhouse gives you more options on when you can plant and how much. Because this greenhouse allows you to put in adjustable shelving and shading options, you can expand the amount of room you have allowing you to plant not only more items, but also a wider variety of things and you don't have to get on your hands and knees to do it. The Mythos hobby greenhouse lets you control the temperature and with the shade screen options, the amount of sunlight the plants are getting and by utilizing the ventilation window allows you to control the air flow as well. You'll be amazed at how gratifying growing your own food can be. Gardening is also a great way to spend time with your family and you'll find that if your children help grow the food, they are much more willing to eat it because they had a hand in the production. This wonderful greenhouse has many features that make it perfect for your growing pleasure including the ability to use the downspout to collect your own rainwater to use for watering your plants, and the twin panel clear polycarbonate walls that give you twice the heat retention of a single layer panel. Easy to assemble with very basic tools, you'll find that you and your family will really enjoy working and growing together when you're gardening in your fabulous Mythos 6' X 8' hobby greenhouse.

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