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Palram Plant Inn Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse

Palram Plant Inn Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse

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This incredible innovation in space saving greenhouse technology will be the perfect compromise between a mini greenhouse that will not take up very much space at all but that won't allow you to grow as many plants and a large, cumbersome and expensive full size greenhouse. When you buy this Plant Inn garden greenhouse you are getting all of the benefits of a greenhouse without spending the money and taking up the space of a full greenhouse and you can plant much more plants than you would be able to with an extremely small model of a greenhouse. You will be glad you invested in this greenhouse when you see the fruits of your labors. This Plant Inn raised garden greenhouse features other convenient aspects as well. It boasts a built in storage area for all of your gardening tools and supplies, it also boasts a built in water drainage system, and has plant hangers for all of your trellising needs. You will not have to worry about your plants becoming victims to either the cold weather or to pesky animals such as birds, squirrels and other annoyances when it comes to protecting a garden. This raised bed garden features two very deep planting trays as well. The panels on the Plant Inn raised garden greenhouse are made from high quality and nearly indestructible polycarbonate. The metal of the frame is aluminum. You can trust that this Plant Inn greenhouse is going to be of the highest quality, because it comes with a five year warranty from the manufacturer. When you buy this Plant Inn from us here at Greenhouse Kits Direct you also know that you are going to get it for the best deal because of our low price guarantee!

Features and Specifications:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Panels: Polycarbonate
  • Peak Height: 59 in.
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited
  • Built in storage underneath
  • Two deep planting trays, internal water drainage, and plant hangers for trellising all included
  • Dimensions: 46"W x 46"D x 58 1/2"H
  • View Assembly Instructions PDF
  • View Warranty PDF

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