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Palram PlantScape Vertical Garden Planter

Palram PlantScape Vertical Garden Planter

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Do you want to make a splash of color around your house but don't have room in your yard to plant a garden? Ever wanted to brighten up the backyard without tearing up your lawn? With four different styles to choose from the PlantScape Vertical Garden Planter is exactly what you need to grow a variety of flowers, herbs, and other plants. Choose from one of four designs. Terra has each planter looking like an ancient terracotta pot. Stone is designed to look like small stone boxes holding your garden. Log looks like the plant box is carved right out of a rough hone log. Hex is a more modern look of interlocking hexagonal shapes of light grey. No matter what you chose they will carefully hold your plants and keep them on display. Each comes in a two pack, but if that's not enough, they interlock and you can connect up to four units together for one pressure regulator. You can even combine different designs if you like. You can assemble them either horizontally or vertically. The limit is your imagination. These modular panels with separate potting cells and integrated irrigation will let you fit in any space: exterior walls, an entry way or even your patio wall. Each panel is 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) deep, 20.7 inches (52.6 cm) wide, and 22.5 inches (57.2 cm) high. Palram's Manufacturer's Warranty is 5 long years and on top of that the panels are truly low maintenance. When you need to clean your vertical garden panels, just use a mild detergent solution and rinse with cold clean water. That's it! Also, don't forget that when you buy the PlantScape Vertical Garden Planters here at Greenhouse Kits Direct you are getting our industry leading low price guarantee. Contact us to learn more today!

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