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Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse 6 x 16

Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse 6 x 16

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You've decided you want a greenhouse, and you've decided you want one that's going to be big enough to let you really grow all the things you've been wanting to. That said, you're afraid that maybe it's going to be too hard to build something that has the size you'd like. Luckily, the folks at Palram understand your concern and that's why they bring you this fabulous six foot by sixteen foot Snap and Grow hobby greenhouse that combines your love of gardening and a greenhouse that's easy to put together. Designed to be built by someone who is not a professional builder, this unit features a SmartLock connector system that enables you to put it together easily and quickly without having to use a lot of tools or complex building skill. The rugged, clear polycarbonate panels and heavy duty aluminum framing are engineered to just slide into place and lock. In addition, the three vents for the roof and the split door are fully assembled to start with and will just click into place. As if all that weren't enough, this kit also comes with a galvanized base kit that allows easy anchoring to your wood or concrete base. Once you have your amazing Snap and Grow greenhouse together, you'll find that it has a wealth of engineering extras that make your gardening job a lot easier. That split door and those roof vents make it much easier to control air flow and temperature. Additionally, the interior framing allows for optional shelves and shading set ups that will help you make sure your plants have plenty of room and are getting just the right amount of light. Once you get your fabulous Snap and Grow six foot by sixteen foot hobby greenhouse up and running, the planting world becomes your oyster and a whole wealth of opportunity awaits you and your family for exploring the joys of gardening.

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