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Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse 8 x 16 - Silver

Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse 8 x 16 - Silver

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You love fresh flowers. You love fresh fruits and vegetables. You love fresh herbs. Until now, your dreams of having all the space and temperature control you need to create the garden of your dreams that lets you grow all of these things has seemed out of reach. You're sure a greenhouse is the answer, but you're just as sure that they cost too much and are too difficult to build. Well, there may have been a time when that was true, however, now you'll be pleased to know that your dreams of having your very own greenhouse that is big enough to hold all the plants you want to grow is definitely doable when you get our fabulous eight foot by sixteen foot, silver aluminum framed Snap and Grow hobby greenhouse by Palram. The SmartLock connector system lets you easily assemble this awesome greenhouse in no time at all and the included anchors allow you to secure it to your existing patio or deck with no problem. Have no fear, if you choose to anchor it in a different location, there are also affordable options sold separately that will make that a snap too. The three roof vents that are included really help you control the air flow and temperature easily. The double doors give you fast and easy access to your greenhouse, making load in easy. The doors are wide enough to accommodate anything you need to bring in, even a wheel barrow. With additional options you can purchase separately, you can customize your shading, trellising and shelving turning your greenhouse into a space that is uniquely yours. The overall space is large enough that you could even give each member of your family a little spot of their own to start their own gardening dreams coming true.

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