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Plant Hangers for Palram Greenhouse - 10 count

Plant Hangers for Palram Greenhouse - 10 count

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Have you been wondering just how you're going to deal with all those fabulous vines you have growing in your Palram greenhouse? Maybe you wish you had more ways to hang those small plants that you don't want to put on a shelf? Now you can get our ten count of plant hangers that are designed to work with our Palram greenhouses just perfectly. For all of your favorite vines and plants that develop heavy fruit and tend to fall over, these amazingly easy to use plant hangers will come in handy in so many ways. All you have to do is insert our plant hanger clips into the roof rafter channels and then twist them and voila, they are installed. It's that simple. These are great for adjusting your shade cloth, or for supporting those beautiful vines that need a little something to grab on to. Imagine your lovely greenhouse covered in wonderful climbing bean or pea plants. Are flowering vines more to your liking? You can easily accommodate a whole slew of jasmine or other flowering vines in the blink of an eye. You'll be amazed at how many options these practical little hangers give you when you're trying to decide which plants you want to bring into your greenhouse. In fact, we're certain that once you start using our fabulous plant hangers in your Palram greenhouse, you'll find more uses for them than you realized and will need to order more to accommodate all those great ideas you're having. You can train climbing plants to use them, or incorporate a bit of gardening string and lead them to your greenhouse ceiling quickly and easily. Do you wish you had a little hook to hang that small shovel you're always using and leaving somewhere? Just add a small hook to one of your plant hangers and you can place it a spot that's easy to remember so you always know where it is. Let your imagination go to work and you'll find all kinds of uses for these handy little hangers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Frame Material: Metal Greenhouses
  • Panels: Polycarbonate Greenhouses
  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Fits all Palram greenhouse
  • View Warranty PDF

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