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Rion EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse - Twin-Wall 6 x 12

Rion EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse - Twin-Wall 6 x 12

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If your growing season is just too short, you can extend it dramatically when you get this fabulous EcoGrow 2 six foot by twelve foot hobby greenhouse by Rion. Designed to be incredibly easy to assemble, so you can get started growing right away, this amazing greenhouse has the size and durability to let you create the garden of your dreams. More affordable than other greenhouses on the market, your EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse also has features that make taking care of your precious plants easy. From the roof ventilation that allows you to control temperature and air flow to the hinged door to make access and egress easy, to the simplified assembly process that lets you have your greenhouse ready to go soon after you take it out of the box, you'll find that you made the right choice for your gardening needs when you chose the EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse. The twin wall construction helps keep the heat in when you need it, and the ventilation system helps release the heat when you don't need it. This feature alone extends your growing season and lets you cater to more delicate plants that would normally be killed in the ravages of outside weather. With the larger size, you can diversify your planting and branch out into every area you've been wanting to try. From lovely flowers and creeping vines, to delicious herbs, vegetables and fruits, you can accommodate them all when you have a six foot by twelve foot EcoGrow 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion. The extra size also makes it easier to have other people in the greenhouse with you. Do you want to share your love of gardening with your spouse or your children? Now you can because there's plenty of room for everyone to have their own little space to grow.

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