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Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x12

Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x12

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When you're finally overcome with your need to create the garden you've always been dreaming of, you'll want to get this fabulous eight foot by twelve foot Grand Gardener 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion. The wonderful barn shape provides ample head room and an amazing amount of vertical gardening room to add to the apparent 8' X 12' size. Boasting a heavy duty extruded resin frame, and an easy to assemble pin and lock system, this unit gives you the choice of either twin wall or clear polycarbonate side panels. The roof is an ideally light diffusing twin wall construction and features two easy to operate vent panels to help you regulate the temperature and air flow. The double door entry is perfect for bringing your wheel barrow and supplies in and is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair as well. Being confined to a wheel chair is never a reason to give up the gardening activities you love and the folks at Rion understand this. The trend back toward getting in touch with nature and our own food is growing and more people are finding that having their own greenhouse allows them to grow more and grow longer. No longer hemmed in by the external weather conditions, your eight foot by twelve foot Grand Gardener 2 hobby greenhouse is going to provide you with plenty of space and protection to grow your own delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. Do you enjoy having fresh flowers in your home but hate the high prices of your local florist? Now you can grow your own beautiful flowers and always have fresh gorgeous color in your home, and plenty available to bring as gifts when you go visiting. With your Grand Gardener 2 hobby greenhouse, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to grow your own food, provide your own flowers and the overall benefit of working with and being close to nature.

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