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Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x16

Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x16

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Beautiful to look at and fully functional to boot, this fabulous eight foot by sixteen foot Grand Gardener 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion is going to amaze and thrill you every time you enter to do a bit of planting and tending. When you finally become serious about your gardening goals, you will want to have a sturdy and reliable greenhouse to extend your growing seasons and protect your beloved plants from the ravages of bad weather. This incredibly sturdy unit features a heavy duty extruded resin frame, twin wall light diffusing roof panels and your choice of either twin wall or clear polycarbonate wall panels. Additionally, you'll get three roof vent panels that can be easily opened or closed to allow for proper air flow and temperature control. Shaped like a barn, this unit is large, spacious and versatile enough in its construction to accommodate all the various types of growing you want to do. With plenty of height to accommodate those dwarf fruit trees you've been wanting to grow and ideally suited for setting up those crawling vine plants, this awesome greenhouse can accommodate it all. With the use of shelving you now have the ability to use the vertical space as well as the apparent space in your gardening. The double wide doors make bringing in your materials, your wheel barrow or even a wheel chair a snap. Engineered to make set up a breeze, our pin and lock system, and slide in ready roof panels will have you wondering why you didn't get this amazing unit sooner. See, the folks at Rion know that you don't want to spend a whole lot of time building your new greenhouse. They know you want to spend a whole lot of time using your new greenhouse, which is why they made it easy to assemble so you can get to growing right away.

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