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Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x20

Rion GRAND GARDENER 2 Greenhouse - 8x20

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Go big or go home, that's what you'll be saying as you gaze at your fully assembled, fabulous eight foot by twenty foot Grand Gardener 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion. This extra-large barn shaped greenhouse is big enough to let you fully explore all of your gardening fantasies. With a big double door opening that lets you cart in the supplies you need easily and cart out your harvest with no trouble, and the four roof vents that you keep the air flow and temperature just right, you'll be loving life and your gardening groove every time you spend time in your Grand Gardener hobby greenhouse. As large and in charge as this amazing unit is, you may think that it will be difficult to assemble, but nothing could be further from the truth. This awesome greenhouse has been engineered to be easily assembled with a lock and pin system and roof panels that slide right in. The slide in ready twin wall roof panels are incredibly sturdy and expertly diffuse the incoming light. The wall panels come in your choice of twin wall or clear polycarbonate. The super strong framing is made from extruded resin that resists the ravages of sun and weather. This awesome greenhouse is so large, you'll easily be able to grow everything you've been wanting to try. From dwarf fruit trees, to climbing vines, to a full range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, this fabulous eight foot by twenty foot Grand Gardner 2 hobby greenhouse can accommodate them all. With so much space available in both the apparent size and the additional vertical space you acquire when you're growing in a greenhouse, you'll be able to introduce your friends and family members to the joy of gardening as well.

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