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Rion Greenhouse Auto Louvre Opener

Rion Greenhouse Auto Louvre Opener

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Now, this is a truly neat product, one that has a lot of potential to make your life easier as you care for your greenhouse. It helps you keep the temperature and moisture level under control in your greenhouse without your having to actually do anything at all. Just hook up the automatic louver opener to your greenhouse vents, and the louvre opener will automatically open and close the vents without any electricity or interference by you. It does this through an ingenious technology. Natural minerals inside of the louver opener expand as the temperature goes up, which triggers a piston to push the vents open. As the temperature cools, the minerals contract again and a spring pushes the vents closed again. How neat is that? Let's talk about how much space the louver opener takes up so you can plan which vent you want to attach it to. It is 16" long, 3" wide, and 2" high. We think it's a pretty cool investment, since it will constantly keep your greenhouse ventilated when it needs it most without you having to keep track. Ventilation is very important in a greenhouse because of how hot they get and how much humidity can build up inside without a way for it to escape. And since you can get this tool here at our store for the lowest price that you could find it for at any store online, you're probably getting pretty excited at this point. You should also be excited that we will protect your personal information and never share it. And of course, we hope you find out customer service team pretty exciting too, since they are incredibly helpful at answering questions and addressing concerns.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16L x 3W x 2H in.
  • Controls temperature
  • Provides additional ventilation
  • No electricitiy required for operation
  • Compatible with all Rion greenhouses
  • View Assembly Instructions PDF

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