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Rion Greenhouse Hanging & Anchoring Kit

Rion Greenhouse Hanging & Anchoring Kit

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You use your greenhouse for so many purposes, and sometimes it's nice to be able to hang plants or tools from the walls rather than having everything resting on a table or bench. Also, you might occasionally feel that your greenhouse isn't quite as stable as you would like. What if we told you that there was a kit you could get that would help you with both of those things? This is it! This kit comes with ten metal hangers that are remarkably durable. They attach to the profile channels of the greenhouse's frame by simply clicking in. You can string a chain, wire, or string through the hanger to hang up whatever you want. It's convenient, especially since the hangers are small enough to put where space allows. These hangers double as little frame strengtheners, since you can also attach them at ground level. Use a washer and stake to add quite a bit of stability to your greenhouse. With ten of these babies, just think of what you could do to stabilize your greenhouse while also hanging up pots and drying plants! The possibilities are exciting. Let your greenhouse be your baby in which you have fun experimenting and nurturing lovely growing things. And let it all be done in a stable, dependable greenhouse that's not going to tip over in a strong wind. You can find a lot of greenhouse kits and products here at our store, and you'll be happy to hear that all of them are sold at our guaranteed lowest price. And no matter what you buy from us, we will never share your personal information. We want you to have fun shopping without anxiety.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1L x 1W x 1H in.
  • Ten durable hangers included
  • Fits all Rion greenhouses
  • One year warranty

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