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Rion Greenhouse Two-Tier Staging

Rion Greenhouse Two-Tier Staging

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You do a lot in your greenhouse, preparing to plant, planting, transplanting, caring for plants, and many more activities. You need supplies for all of those things, and sometimes it's hard to know where to put everything. You don't want to have piles on the floor, and you don't want to have to haul supplies in from the garage every day. What you need is this staging bench that has two tiers. It is tough and sturdy since it's made of PVC. That's a great construction material because it is very lightweight while being easy to clean. What a useful tool for keeping all your supplies organized in the greenhouse. Fill it with pots and trowels and cutting sheers, anything and everything you will need to use in the greenhouse. This staging bench is 31" long, 16" wide, and 33.4" high. It is a good investment because it's available to you here at our store for the lowest price that you could find it for anywhere. That's because of our lowest price guarantee, which actually covers all of our products. In case you were wondering, we really do check the prices that our competitors are offering just to make sure that we can actually offer the lowest ones. We want to give you an awesome experience shopping with us, so we promise to never share your personal information. We also make our stellar customer service team available to answer your questions and personally address your concerns. You can go here to look at our buyer's guide. We hope you find it helpful! We hope you will use this staging bench to personalize your greenhouse!

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