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Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x12

Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x12

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Once you've decided to get serious about your desire to have the garden of your dreams, you may realize that the standard fare of dirt in the ground just isn't going to cut it because you need more time in the year. You may also realize that you need more space if you're really going to be able to grow everything you want to. If this is where you're currently at and you're looking for a solution then you're in luck because we have a fabulous eight foot by twelve foot Hobby Gardener 2 twin wall greenhouse by Prion that's going to knock your socks off. One of the great things about having your own greenhouse versus just a plot of land is that not only does your growing season get extended because you're able to control the temperature and air flow in your greenhouse, but your growing space is expanded too because you can now go vertical. Our Hobby Gardener 2 greenhouses feature 4mm twin wall polycarbonate roof panels and 6mm twin wall polycarbonate side panels that provide insulation and great light diffusion as well. The heavy duty frame is made from specially designed resins that are 100% UV protected. Designed for easy assembly, this unit uses a pin and lock connector method that adds strength and is so easy to do that you'll be up and growing in no time. Our double door entry makes loading and unloading a snap and the two roof vents that come with your eight foot by twelve foot unit make regulating air flow and temperature a breeze. Having your own fabulous Hobby Gardener 2 eight foot by twelve foot twin wall greenhouse by Rion is going to open a whole new world to you and your family. From the benefits of working with plants and getting back to nature, to the enjoyment you'll get if you choose to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs, this amazing greenhouse is going to provide you with years of planting pleasure.

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