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Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x20

Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x20

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Don't settle for less than the biggest and the best when it comes to your greenhouse needs and make sure you get this amazing eight foot by twenty foot Hobby Gardener twin wall greenhouse by Prion. With so much overall space and of course the vertical space you gain by having a greenhouse, you'll be able to grow all the flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs that your little heart desires. Large enough to bring your little helpers in there with you and teach the joys of gardening to your children while they are young, this greenhouse is not just large, it's also incredibly sturdy and designed to withstand the weather and the beating sun. Your extra-large unit features four vent windows to make air flow control and temperature control a snap. The double door entry system makes bringing in your wheel barrow, and other gardening supplies easy. The UV resistant heavy duty resin frame and 4mm twin wall polycarbonate roof panels and the 6mm twin wall polycarbonate side panels provide the strength and durability you want and the perfect light dispersion you and your plants need. From your delicate tomato plants to your sturdy herbs, you're going to have just the right temperature and just the right amount of light to allow you to grow all the various plants you've been dreaming about. Add some hanging baskets of strawberries, or spider plants, this greenhouse is designed for that. Plant in the ground and then add shelving to also add potted plants. There's no end to the things you can grow. Having your own large greenhouse also allows you to give a bit of space for letting every member of the family have their own growing section. If your spouse loves peppers, they can have their growing section. Do your children love peas? Imagine how much more they'll love them when they get to grow their own. There's a whole new world of freshness awaiting you when you start growing in your Hobby Gardner 2 twin wall greenhouse by Rion.

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