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Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x8

Rion HOBBY GARDENER 2 Greenhouse -Twin-Wall 8x8

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A new greenhouse kit like the Hobby Gardener 2 Twin Wall 8' series greenhouse is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio space. An extra-durable construction, the 4mm twin wall polycarbonate roof panels are a true all-weather design, and the and 6mm twin wall side panels grant clear visibility while maintaining a sturdy, wind and weatherproof protection for your plants. The 6mm twin wall side panels grant heat insulation and light diffusion as well. The UV-protected heavy duty, dark green resin frame provides a sturdy, high-winds resistant structure that offers added insulation, and blends in nicely with your backyard or garden environment. An 8-foot width, the Hobby Gardener 2 Twin Wall greenhouse comes in 8, 12, 16, and 20 foot lengths to suit any gardening and horticulture activities from beginner and hobbyist, to the obsessed and commercial. The Rion signature Pin & Lock connector system allows for easy, hassle-free assembly and requires no maintenance once installed, adding a secure stability and strength for your greenhouse through any condition. Secure your Hobby Gardener 2 Twin Wall 8' Series Greenhouse to any wood or concrete base foundation, or purchase a Rion signature greenhouse base kit, which adds additional inches of height, and greatly improves stability. The Hobby Gardener 2 Twin Wall 8' Series greenhouse is spacious enough to accommodate additional shelf kits and versatile to accommodate shade kits, and can house any arrangement for a work bench or sitting bench for convenient potting, watering and working on your plants. Double doors give you easy access to the contents of your greenhouse for potting, rearrangement and new installations. If you don't have a secure greenhouse in the hard conditions of the seasons, you don't have a safe place to keep and grow plants, and the Hobby Gardener 2 greenhouse is made for this very situation.

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