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Rion PRESTIGE 2 Greenhouse - 8 x 12

Rion PRESTIGE 2 Greenhouse - 8 x 12

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When you're ready for the whole enchilada, make sure you get our amazing Prestige 2 greenhouse by Rion. This amazing eight foot by twelve foot greenhouse kit has it all. We start with the amazing twin wall construction that diffuses the light and helps regulate the temperature beautifully. This amazing barn like structure features everything you need to make all of your gardening dreams come true. From the wide double doors that make access and egress, even with a wheel barrow no trouble at all, to the double roof vents that feature automatic vent openers, as well as a side louver window, all combining to create the ideal situation for controlling air flow and temperature. The heavy duty extruded resin frame provides strength and additional insulation. Amazingly simple to assemble, our lock and pin system allows you to put this together quickly and easily while the slide in roof panels are an absolute piece of cake to put together. While you may think all of this is an incredible value, Rion doesn't stop there. In addition to the already awesome greenhouse, you get all the extras with it including benches, kits for drip irrigation and trellising and a base kit for extra height and stability. When we say the Prestige 2 has everything you need in an easy to assemble unit, we mean it. If you're really serious about creating the garden you've always dreamed of, then there's no better way to do it than with this fabulous Prestige 2 greenhouse. You'll be able to extend your growing season and your available space because with our greenhouse you have the apparent space of the building, but also the vertical space you gain by having a greenhouse. Since this kit has everything you'll need, no matter what your gardening goals are, you'll be able to start planting and growing as soon as you complete the simple assembly process and bring in our planting materials.

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