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Rion PRESTIGE 2 Greenhouse - 8 x 20

Rion PRESTIGE 2 Greenhouse - 8 x 20

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What has the shape of a barn and the incredible beauty of the most awesome growing solution you've ever seen? Why it's the Prestige 2 eight foot by twenty foot greenhouse by Rion of course. This gorgeous greenhouse comes with all the extras and features you could ever want all in one package. From the incredibly stout extruded resin frame, to the twin wall construction that provides the perfect amount of light diffusion and extra insulation, to the base kit that provides anchoring and stabilization as well as five full inches of extra height, this awesome greenhouse has everything you need to start you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and hours of growing fun. With great extras like benches, a drip irrigation system kit, a trellis kit, four roof vents that include automatic vent openers, a louvered window and double doors that provide an access and egress space wide enough for a wheel barrow and anything else you may need to load in, this Prestige 2 greenhouse has it all. Between the louvered window, automatic opening roof vents and those large double doors, you'll be able to easily maintain the ideal air flow and temperature for your plant population. Whether you are getting back to a healthier way of eating by growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs and spices, or you have a love of fresh flowers and the desire to grow your own, you can easily accommodate all of your growing desires in this one extra-large greenhouse. With not only the apparent square footage to work with, but also the vertical square footage you gain by using shelving and trellising options, your real growing space expands at an amazing rate when you're growing in our Prestige 2 eight by twenty foot greenhouse by Rion.

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