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Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 6 x 12

Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 6 x 12

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How many times have you been visiting your friend's home and after spending a bit of time in their sun room, dreamed of having your own? Do you wish you had a comfortable spot to watch the evening sky or sunrise from? Have you always wanted a place to create that herb garden or a protected area where you could grow your own berries for those fabulous summer time smoothies you love? Of course, you've had all these dreams, but you always thought that adding a sun room would be too difficult and expensive. Well, we are here to let you in on a little secret. You can have your own Sun Room 2 six foot by twelve foot hobby greenhouse that butts right against your home and uses your existing exterior door and existing, patio, porch or deck, for a very affordable price and in a package that's a snap to install. Imagine it, you wake up, pour a cup of your favorite beverage, grab your paper and go out into your very own sun room, sit down and enjoy the morning and whatever you happen to be growing that season. Yes, it's true, this could all be yours. The super sturdy 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate roof panels, that protect you from harmful UV rays and provide the gorgeous diffused light of your dreams, the handy roof vent that lets you control air flow and temperature, the crystal clear acrylic side walls that let in 90% of available light and still protect you from those harmful UV rays, and of course the gorgeous white resin frame that holds it all together and is maintenance free, could all be yours for a price that's so reasonable it may surprise you. Don't wait anymore, make your dreams of that special spot that's just for you a reality.

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