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Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 6 x 14

Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 6 x 14

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Are you looking at your back patio, deck or porch and thinking about how nice it would be if you just had the time and money to put that sunroom or greenhouse addition on that you've always wanted. Does it seem like the whole proposition just seems too complex and too expensive? What if we told you that you could have your very own combination sun room and greenhouse that's easy to install, is maintenance free and comes at a price you could afford? You may think all that sounds like a pipe dream, but it isn't. You can have everything we just mentioned when you get our fabulous six foot by fourteen foot Sun Room 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion. Designed to work with your existing deck, porch or patio and butt right up against your home, this fabulously gorgeous sun room is going to be the room everyone flocks to. The 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate roof panels provide you with both UV protection and a diffuse light that will make everything look magical. The crystal clear acrylic wall panels provide you with a full view of the landscape around you, letting in 90% of the available light, while keeping out the harmful UV rays. The handy hinged door and roof vent allows you to control both the air flow and the temperature so you can keep your glorious Sun Room 2 at the temperature that's just right for you and all the beautiful plants you put in it. This fabulously spacious room is easy to install and will provide you with that wonderful spot you like to hang out in. From a great place to start your day as you enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage, to that wonderful spot you want to come to at the end of the day as you enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset, your spectacular six foot by fourteen foot Sun Room 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion, will be the best investment you make for both your home, and yourself.

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