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Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 8 x 10

Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 8 x 10

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Does your heart sing when you're planting? Do you wish you had some way to extend your growing season so you could have beautiful fresh flowers all year round? Does Mother Nature throw you those curve balls with days that are so hot your tomatoes wilt or days so cold that even your broccoli can't survive? You'd love to have your own greenhouse so you could enjoy your gardening all year round, but you imagine that it's too expensive or too hard to build. On top of that, your family has been asking for a sun room so they have a place to go and hang out on rainy days that still lets them feel like they're outside and it just doesn't ever seem like you'll be able to satisfy everyone. Well, now you can the dream gardening greenhouse that you want and your family can have that fun sun room that they want and it can all be in the same affordable place when you get our easy to install Sun Room 2 eight foot by ten foot hobby greenhouse by Rion. This amazing combination sun room, greenhouse gives you a place to make your gardening dreams come true and your family a place to hang out on even the rainiest of days. This gorgeous sun room features 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate roof panels that provide a beautiful diffused light and all the UV protection you want, as well as gorgeously crystal clear acrylic wall panels that let in 90% of the available light and also provides complete UV protection. The stunning white resin frame is not only great looking but also maintenance free. In addition, you get a roof vent and a hinged door that makes adjusting air flow and temperature a breeze.

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