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Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 8 x 16

Rion SUN ROOM 2 Greenhouse - Clear 8 x 16

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Is the weight of the world getting you down, and you wish you had a place you could just go and relax and at least get the feeling of getting back to nature? Naturally, you want that natural environment to be protected from the less fun elements of nature like rain, too much heat, too much cold or those pesky bugs. That said, you'd still love a spot that lets you look out at that beautiful back yard you have, and relax. Maybe if you had a spot like that, you could even start that herb garden you've always wanted, and the kids could come out there on rainy days and help you garden or at least play a board game while you're digging in the dirt. It sounds completely idyllic, but you're probably thinking it's just a pipe dream. However, as luck would have it, you actually could have everything you want, all in one easy to install unit that's affordable and big enough to let your whole family enjoy having their own space. The answer to your wistful imaginings is not a secret, it's our fabulous eight foot by sixteen foot Sun Room 2 hobby greenhouse by Rion. The classic look of the sturdy and maintenance free white resin frame surrounds the durable 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate roof panels and the crystal clear acrylic wall panels. Those roof panels are specially designed to allow in a magically diffused light while protecting you from harmful UV rays and the view inspiring wall panels give you full UV protection while allowing in 90% of the available light. A handy roof vent and a sturdy hinged door lets you regulate the air flow and temperature. Once you have our fabulous Sun Room 2 in place, you'll find that those rainy days and Mondays no longer get you down.

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