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Roof Air Vent Kit for Rion ECOGROW 2 Greenhouse

Roof Air Vent Kit for Rion ECOGROW 2 Greenhouse

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Don't let your EcoGrow 2 greenhouse become too hot and humid. It can happen easily if your greenhouse isn't properly ventilated, making the greenhouse too stifling to spend much time in. All you need is this kit which give you what you need in to install a roof air vent. It allows you to push the vent open from the inside if you ever find the conditions too hot and humid for your liking. Since heat rises, opening this vent will naturally release a lot of heat for an immediate cooling effect. You might not be able to see the build up of moisture, but it too can slip out through the vent. You might consider also installing a side vent because having two vents allows air to move between the two for maximum ventilation. The great news is that you can enjoy the benefits of this roof vent for our guaranteed lowest price. We actually go out and check on our competitors' prices to make sure that you get the lowest price you could get anywhere for this roof vent and all of our products! Doesn't that make it a great investment for you? Another thing we do for your benefit is protect your personal information. You never need to worry about us sharing it. If you want to know more about our greenhouse related products, please visit our buyer's guide here. You can also contact us directly by email, phone, or live chat. Our customer service team is trained to find answers to your questions. They really bring a personal touch as they search for ways to address your concerns. If they don't know the answer to a question, they will contact the right people until they find it.

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