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Shelf Kit for Palram Greenhouse

Shelf Kit for Palram Greenhouse

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Get the most out of your Palram greenhouse by installing our amazingly practical and sturdy shelf kit. Designed to fit in any of our Palram greenhouses, this easy to install shelf kit will help you get full use of all the space inside. Incredibly durable, while still being lightweight our shelf system will install easily and quickly to the inside frame of your Palram greenhouse. Are you plants growing higher and needing a bit more space? There's no problem there because your Palram greenhouse shelf kit is very easy to move around and reposition to accommodate your plant's changing needs. You'll get everything you need to get started right away, with each kit including four galvanized steel bracket supports and two twenty four inch by ten inch overlapping shelf trays. Now, rotating your crops to take advantage of sun or space has never been easier. When your plants are small you can place them close together and then move the shelves or transfer the more mature plants to a central table to make room for their growth when you need to. Taking care of seedlings is made much easier when you can keep them all together in one area and expanding the number and variety of plants you have is a snap when you just have to relocate items to another shelf. You'll be amazed at how many plants your Palram greenhouse can accommodate when you take advantage of, and install our fabulous shelf kits. Now you can go out and get all those other fabulous plants you wanted to try but thought you didn't have room for. Do you really want another batch of berries? Just get another shelf kit and start planning your next berry pie. Have you been wanting to add some floral beauty to your otherwise food related plant collection? With all the space you'll gain by adding our fabulous shelf kits, you can line your whole greenhouse with flowers if you want to.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10L x 2W in.
  • Frame Material: Metal Greenhouses
  • Panels: Polycarbonate Greenhouses
  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Fits all Palram greenhouses
  • Four galvanized steel bracket supports included
  • Two 24 x 10 overlapping shelf trays included
  • View Assembly Instructions PDF
  • View Warranty PDF

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